Skilled Nursing Care

The 49 rooms average 400 square feet each, significantly larger than most other facilities. A group of twelve skilled care rooms comprises a single household. One ‘household’ is devoted exclusively to Alzheimer patients.  Each household includes a community living room, dining room, and kitchen. The household functions basically as a large home. Our dedicated caring employees are the main ingredients in making these households homelike. By allowing the same employees day after day to care for their residents addressing not only their medical but also their social needs is what makes these households very resident centered.

The households have separate dining rooms seating 12 residents, which makes their dining experience more enjoyable. The households also have a residential kitchen where residents and/or family can prepare snacks or help themselves to a stocked refrigerator, coffee or juices. If a resident wants to sleep in and misses breakfast, a continental breakfast is always available.

Each household also has a multi-purpose room that families can use for family functions such as birthday parties or any special occasion. This room can also be used for patient/family care conferences, which is convenient and comfortable for everyone.

Two households forms a ‘neighborhood’.  Each neighborhood contains staff work areas, nurses station, pantry serving area and a bathing suite.  The neighborhoods also have a screened-in, 3-season porch that opens to the fenced courtyard.

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